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Equine Photographs An exciting new portfolio of photographs currently being shown at art shows and galleries. (36 images)
Nautical Series A portfolio of Tall Ships and Schooners under sail, and nautical details. This series includes both sepia toned and color photographs. (43 images)
Maine Scenes and Landscapes The beauty of nature was my inspiration for pursuing photography many years ago. This is a collection of photographs from the State of Maine and elsewhere.           (35 images)
Sepia Series This group of sepia toned photographs are recent works from Paris, Provence and Tuscany. (21 images)

Paris I have found no place on earth as interesting as the streets of Paris. An ongoing project is a photographic portrait of this magnificent city. (24 images)
Architecture The juxtaposition of line, form, texture and color has been a primary focus of my photography since 1983. This collection from Europe, Mexico and the United States are my personal favorites. (46 images)
People The human figure, whether an informal portrait or part of a mural, has been a recurring subject of interest in all the locations I have photographed. (14 images)
Europe The beauty and antiquity found in European cultures has attracted photographers like a magnet. This is a collection of my impressions from many trips over the years.               (21 images)
Wingspread Several yeas ago I received a commission to photograph Wingspread, a well known Frank Lloyd Wright design in Racine Wisconsin.
Bike Parts  +  Body Parts In the summer of 2003 Harley Davidson held its 100th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee. Follow this link to a site of my close-up photographs taken at this event.
Old Cars No object has received the intensive design focus as has the automobile. In this series I explore the effects of weather and aging on what were at one time highly formed and finished surfaces. (12 images)
Guggenheim Museum In 1997 I had the opportunity to visit the new Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain. Designed by American architect Frank Gehry, this is one of the most significant buildings of the 20th century.  (6 images)
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