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Welcome to the online catalogue of photographer Ray Hartl. This is an extensive site that provides access to the many varied portfolios that Ray has produced through the years. The starting point for browsing this site or to locate a particular image is the Portfolio Page. Here the photographs are grouped by subject and you can quickly access the images that interest you. 

Please note this site was designed for quick downloads and the images are low resolution thumbnails. They provide a reasonable representation of the design and colors of the photographs offered for sale. If you are viewing this site, there is a good chance that you already own a Ray Hartl photograph or have seen his prints at a gallery or art show. If so, you are aware that the photographic prints approach the highest qualities of sharpness and color attainable by modern photographic processes. Any photograph purchased may be returned for a full refund if it does not meet your expectations.

All images within this site are the intellectual property of Ray Hartl and are Copyrighted. By representing his images here, the artist gives permission for them to be viewed and used electronically for personal use only. Images may not be retransmitted or re-used in any form without the direct permission of the artist. Contact Ray Hartl by e-mail if you would like to use these images for anything other than personal use, i.e. on or off-line publications or software.

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