Ordering Information

(For all photographs except the equine series.)


All Photographs on this site are available for purchase direct from the studio of Ray Hartl. They are available in several standard sizes:


11 X 14 in. Print Size Matted to 16 X 20 in.  -  $85.00

16 X 20 in. Print Size Matted to 24 X 28 in. - $160.00

20 X 24 in. Print Size Matted to 30 X 34 in. - $250.00


If for any reason a photograph does not meet your expectations, it may be returned for an exchange or refund.

Larger size prints are available on a custom order basis. Please call for a price quote.

Directions for ordering:

Please use the print number located below each picture.

The address and phone number for placing an order can be found at the top of the Order Form.


Technical Notes

The camera used for nautical photographs is a 35mm Pentax and color transparancy film. The majority of other photographs were taken with a Wista Field 4 X 5 format using Schneider Lenses. A Mamiya 6 medium format camera is also used. The film is Kodak Portra 160VC Color Negative. Exposures are precisely measured using a Pentax Digital Spotmeter and the Zone System adapted to color films. No filters are used at the time of exposure. All prints are hand made by the photographer from the original negatives and sepia toned internegatives. The print paper is Fujicolor Crystal Archive. The prints are dry mounted and matted to museum standards on 100% rag matboard.


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